8 Ball Pool P.M.S Trick Details

Follow Steps Below:

Logout All Google Accounts From Your Phone.

Create New Google Account In Your Device.

Open Chrome And Login Same Google Account.

Go to “play.google.com” And Payment Methods.

Click Add Credit Or Debit Card.

Click On Billing Address.

Change Country To Brazil.

Tax Information: 133.267.246-91

Put Any Age (Fake).

Address Line 1:  Street Jeff xxxx

Address Line 2:   AP 104 BOSQUE COLINA Ti Robos

Neighbour:  Brazil


State: BAHIA

Zip Code:  41500290

Next Go To Website For Card Information: PrimeBox (click on the prime box)

Insert Bin: 376538

Click On Generate And You Will Get Virtual Cards


First Part Is Card Number 1234567890*****

Second Part Is Expiry Date Month:07 Year:20**

Third Part Is CVV Of Card 123* 

Simply Put Card Detail In Your Account

If Card Is Declined, Try Another Card.

Make Your Payment For Pro Membership Trial In 8 Ball Pool.